Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wing feathers

Here are the chicks at 11 days old:
Look at all the colors and sizes!  Look at those wing feathers....and the variations from chick to chick.

The smaller ones are the Icelandics, mostly, and the bigger ones are those we got at the feed store.  In the upper and lower right of the photo are the mixed reds pullets....Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, etc.  The colorful wee ones are the Icelandics, and the larger yellow ones are the Buff Brahmas.

I stopped in at TSC last night to pick up something and spotted my favorite sign:  Clearance!  The Buff Brahma chicks, the same ones we'd picked up over a week earlier, were on sale.  We picked up 14 more today.  OK, we are a little out of control.  Spring fever does that.  But....

Forty chicks will give us plenty of laying hens, plenty of broody hens, and a nice selection of roosters for the freezer.  Now if I can just hang onto my sanity as they get bigger and if I can just get them out of my cellar before I go completely insane....

Although some would say that that horse has left the barn....


  1. LOL 40 of them now, huh? At least, after this week, it will be warm again and at 1 month, you might be able to put them out...

    They grow soooo fast...

  2. they look GREAT! yay chicks! and on sale already? wow.... hum...... i might have to go and check it out. :-)

  3. Yep, 40. I'm out of control....I really want 60. It is probably the only shot at meat chickens I'll have this year, and we ate two of last year's roosters this, they're good! I have NO interest in commercially raised chicken at all.

    OFG, the straight run chicks weren't selling at my TSC, so they just put those on sale. They were over a week old and new ones were coming and few of us want roosters nowadays. More for us!