Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is early....for now

Spring came early in New England this year.  But that will be over tonight, with a predicted low temperature of 19 F.  This is why I don't like an early spring...things grow and bloom, then are killed by the inevitable hard freeze.  This weakens plants and can destroy hopes of fruit crops.  Thankfully, our fruit  trees haven't bloomed yet, and what did come up should be able to re-group after tonight's freeze.

Rhubarb, guarded by our lone guinea cock:
Chives, which I will harvest today since they will likely be killed tonight:
Scallions, which will likely do ok, but I'll pick a few since we are out of last year's crop, I just used up the last of them this week:
Flowers are blooming, too.  Lenten Rose:
Daffodils, of course, that spread every year:
I'm not sure what these are....does anyone know?
This is a patch of ground where I planted garlic last year and it didn't grow.  I sifted that soil looking for garlics to no avail.  Look what is sprouting all over the place there now.....garlic!
Last, but not least, I'm waiting to weed my irises.  This is stray catnip (snicker) that I will use with some lemon balm, when it comes up, to make a mosquito spray.
Spring is a lot of work, but so much fun with all the new life.  I never get tired of it.  Off to pick chives!

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  1. I believe your blue bulb is a Chiondoxa lucilea. My Christmas rose is finally flowering also (Hellebore). It's on the north side of the house.

    Last year there was a 3' deep snowbank there. When it melted, there was the Christmas rose, in full bloom!! Having no snow to bloom under this year must have messed it up!

    My some of my chives are near the house, and I think they survived ok. But my magnolia was in bloom and was wiped out last night. I had a 7 Sisters climbing rose with 1/2" leaves. I didn't go outside today so I don't know how it fared. I'll be going out tomorrow to tend the cold frame, and assess the damage from the frost.

    I had stuck 2 catnip plants in one of the flowerbeds last year. They were up and doing well and my cat Bryde found them when I cleared the bed last week. Now I don't know if they will survive, as she lays on them and licks them. LOL

    I had a couple of daffodils in bloom, when the frost hit. I'm assuming they were unaffected.

    I'm hoping the apple trees had not set buds, as they would be wiped out, as would the lilacs, which had 1" leaves.