Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting help with spring lawn and garden clean-up

Lots of compacted dead leaves and old plants need to be removed from the flower gardens in the spring.  Maneuvering around desirable plants can be tedious, so I hired a crew to do this job for me.  Paid 'em in grubs and worms.
De-thatching is difficult and tedious work.  This crew is not lazy, and will work at de-thatching all day without complaint.
They are very focused and rarely distracted.  I never have to chase them from the water cooler and back to their desks.
They respond well to the slightest praise and take pride in their work.
Considering hiring them for a few days?  See them at work here.  Starting pay is a handful of sprouted organic wheat and some table scraps.  Bonuses are recommended and should include earthworms and june bug larvae.  Will work for food.

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