Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silly hens.....

....leaving their eggs by the busy road!  We found the new nest of the Famous Five.  The FF are a group of five hens that we hatched from our own flock's eggs last year.  They became a small sub-flock within our flock and roam the front and back yard, the neighbor's yard, and a small portion of the farm next door.

They don't believe in nest boxes.  Finding their eggs is a new adventure every day.

When cleaning up the inevitable trash that collects in the bushes along the front of our yard by the busy state road, I found the latest hiding place.
This nest was so close to the road that I was actually a little nervous taking the picture, with big trucks and speeding cars zipping behind me and blowing my clothes around. 

It took help from the hubster to get in amongst the branches and hand the eggs out to him without getting skewered or run over.  This nest has been here for a few days, considering the condition of the eggs.  They were still good to eat....we boiled 'em up....but you can see by the type of dirt on them that the hens had been returning to this nest and re-arranging the eggs each time they deposited a new one.
Silly hens....

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