Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy time on the farmlet

It is the goats that have been busy.....

Plum steals Charm's hay...and his heart.

Charm has been practicing his ballet, particularly.....en pointe.  Since he can't lure the gals over to the blocks.  Ahem.  If you know what I mean.  He is a bit on the short side.

But where there is a will, there is a way.  And  the gals are plenty willing.  Both Peach and Plum did not come back into heat as scheduled, which means they are likely pregnant.  Ginger did, and had another "date" with Charm, after he spent 3 weeks in classical ballet training.  Ginger is our tallest doe, so there were some logistical problems the first time.  I am thinking Charm had it all worked out on the second date.

Lily finally achieved the minimum age of eight months and was thrilled when we finally, finally, finally opened that gate for her.  She made weight (80 lbs, the minimum size for a young doe to enter the breeding pen) at only five months, so we didn't weigh her again.  She is considerably bigger than Charm, and they are only days apart in age.

Ginger's twins, Monique and Jayne, came for a visit for two days, much to Charm's (and Monique and Jayne's!) delight.

Blue Viola Farm.  All goat porn, all the time.  Draw the shades, dear neighbors, and keep the tender children inside, unless you want to have an interesting dinnertime conversation!

But next April and May.....all goat babies, all the time!