Saturday, March 17, 2012

Belly watch begins!

The countdown to kidding is on!
Not for Plum, as she is not pregnant, but she is so cute I had to give her space on this post....she was bottle fed, and still makes the most eye contact of any of my does.  Isn't she sweet?

Ginger is due first, on April 10.  She had triplets last year.  How many are in there this time?
Remember, before submitting your guess.....the rumen (large stomach that is the main fermentation vat in all ruminants or cud-chewers) is on the left, so the babies sit more towards the right.  Her right.  The left side of this picture.

Peach (Ginger's first daughter) also had triplets last year, and thankfully, she doesn't look like she has that many this year.  We nearly lost her last year when she had much difficulty delivering them and needed my hand untangling the triplets while the other hand held the cell phone as I was talked through the procedure by Kate Helms.  Kate was a total stranger who generously called me after I posted my phone number in an online goat forum pleading for emergency help.  Peach needed a week-long round of antibiotics to deal with the resulting uterine infection, and she was a walking skeleton for some weeks after that.  I really don't want triplets from her, so I am relieved that she is not as wide as she was last year and looks quite robust and healthy.  She is due April 17.
Next will be udder watch, then ligament watch.....two more signs of impending kidding.  Meanwhile, here is a little video that will get you into parasympathetic and the four does eat their hay.  Watch the herd dynamics.....can you guess which doe is the Queen, and which is the First Princess?

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  1. awww they are so cute....i was hoping one of them could have kids on my birthday...27th...hope the chicks are growing bigger too.. cant wait when we can come over and run around with the goats...thats if they take to me...