Monday, March 12, 2012

First hatchling!

I was sitting at my computer this morning when I heard some peeping.  Now, understand that my computer is upstairs and my incubator is in the cellar...but this is an old house.  The heating systems have been updated a few times over the decades, and there are dummy registers in the floor that lead to nowhere.  When we have chicks in the basement, we call these registers "the speakers."  Baby chicks...and eggs about to hatch....can be rather loud.

This is what I saw when I ran downstairs:
A closer look revealed one Icelandic chick fully out of the egg, resting on a sibling's egg:
I tried to get closer with the camera, but the auto-focus decided the top of the incubator was what I wanted, so the chick is a little blurry....better pictures will come later when I take the dry chicks out.  Meanwhile, check out this pooped little cutie.  Coming into the world is hard work!
Babies of any species are always exciting! 


  1. So exciting!! Can't wait for pics!

    And don't I know it about the to-do lists. With this week of warm weather, I am outside clearing gardens that didn't get done last fall.

    So cool, chicks!!

  2. this is so happy for new mom are you ready for the sleepless nights or you don't get those with chicks....lols

  3. No sleepless nights here over chicks....some anxious moments, for sure, but once I reached a certain threshold (around 30 chickens seemed to be the number for me) I ceased to worry much about them. Probably because I know what to do now and I feel secure that they are fine.

    Stuff that didn't get done last fall??? Yikes, I have stuff that didn't get done two falls ago...with a crazy hot year and then a crazy wet year, I'm so behind!