Friday, April 20, 2012

Naughty goats!

While getting several loads of compost for several spring planting projects, I made the mistake of leaving the compost pile gate open.  We used to leave it open all the time so the chickens could come and go easily.  They do a fantastic job of turning it, looking for worms, and speeding up the breakdown of its contents.

This is why we shut the gate now:

Naughty does!
Plum started this game a few weeks ago.  She is starting to move up in the herd pecking order, but still can't compete with her much larger sister, Peach.  By running up onto the compost pile, she gets a height advantage and can't get bashed too hard.  Hard enough, though, in this video.  I get a headache just watching it!
 Peach wins.

Can you see what they did to the fence?  They actually broke a pressure treated board, and the woven wire is very warped.  So warped that it has come off the boards on top and is lifting at the bottom.  

Pretending innocence when I come into their view.

When we first started closing the gate, Plum would instead run into the hoophouse and initiate the game from there.  When I booted them away from the compost pile, they turned their attention on the babies and continued their naughty streak.
It is a good thing they are cute....and rather productive!


  1. haha yes, my sister had goats and they sure can be naughty!

    Greetings from Indiana

    1. Hi Leontien, welcome! Yep, it is only their sweetness and cuteness that keeps me from going completely insane. I just came in from giving late bottles to the kids. I always mean to just give the bottles and come right in and get to bed, but it never seems to work that way. They just snuggle and play and are just too cute. Then the does start softly calling and each expects their own scratch and pat and a few kind words. It is a magical world in the barn at night. It is then that I forget the naughtiness!