Monday, April 2, 2012

Dinner in minutes from leftovers

Here is how I often use leftover chicken, pork, or beef....start with garlic and bacon grease, add scallions (growing right now in the garden), and a few mushrooms if you have them.  I found a few on our shiitake logs last week.
Add wine or broth.  I like using homemade onion wine:
Cook for a few minutes (10?) to blend flavors, and add your leftover meat and heat through.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Done.  We eat this out of bowls with a few servings of veggies on the side.  The veggies can be steamed and buttered or sauteed while the sauce is cooking down.  Dinner in 20 minutes!
This was so good!  Right now I have two pork roasts to take apart.  I cooked them last night...AFTER supper....for the express purpose of having "leftover" meat for quick meals during the upcoming busy week.

Don't have time to cook?  Yes, you do!  Not much of a food budget?  The only items purchased for the above recipe were black pepper and an 89 cent packet of yeast with which to make the onion wine.  Even if all the items were purchased, it is still a pretty cheap....and delicious....meal.  Now go rattle those pots and can do it!  It is well worth the effort.  Yum!


  1. I'd been contemplating doing a pork shoulder so I'd have leftovers for parsnip hash. Maybe I'll thaw it out today...

    And I LOVE being able to make good meals with what I have stored.

  2. Yum! I do a similar thing for lunches (our biggest meal) around here, except at the end, I crack 4 eggs on top and pop a lid on, poaching the eggs right in with the rest. The yolks really add a richness to the whole thing and it's quite pretty.

  3. Parsnip hash? That sounds yummy! I made some barbecue sauce this morning using some of the broth along with the usual BBQ sauce ingredients. Some will be used for pulled pork, and some will go on some ribs on the grill this weekend.

    Haley, that is a fantastic idea! Guess what I'll be having for lunch now....that is also a great way to stretch some meat when there isn't really enough to satisfy. Love it.