Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bats in my belfry.....or.....

Frogs in my cellar!

I found the first tiny frog in our unfinished, wet-with-a-sump-pump basement over 11 years ago when we first moved in.  It was so beautiful, I thought it was a ceramic frog.  I was so enthralled that I'd found this beautiful piece of art, left by a former owner.  As I reached out to carefully pick it up, it jumped and stuck to the side of the freezer.

It was a wet summer and the frogs in the cellar multiplied this year, so I have to be careful where I step and how I pick things up, lest I accidentally squish a little beauty.

Sometimes they jump and land on my bare feet.  It always startles me and I shake them off before I have time to realize that it is not a bug but the little rubbery frog feet.  One day I'll have the control, I hope, to take a moment to enjoy the little critter on the top of my foot.

I know they eat bugs, so the little guys can stay forever, creating a little joy for me whenever I see them.  Anyone know what kind of frogs these are?


  1. I wish I had a frog problem! LOL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE frogs :) Though, I have no idea what kind of frog that is -- even after searching online for half an hour :( Do you have a better pic of the back?

  2. One jumped on my middle toe today and I had the presence of mind not to shriek and shake it off, for once. I enjoyed his little feet and carried him across the cellar with me as he crawled around on my toes. I finally had to shake him off so I could go upstairs, but I enjoyed his company for a minute or two.

    That is the best my old camera can do. A new one is on the list, so hopefully, by the time I get a new camera and learn how to use it, the frogs will still be active. My macro setting now blurs terribly, so I took that picture from a few feet away, using the zoom. I took several, and that is the only one that was clear enough. There are several colors of beautiful frogs so I hope to capture images of all of them eventually. They are like little precious jewels!

  3. I just found them! Google "spring peepers" and choose images. That is what they are!

    1. Just searched "Spring Peepers" -- Love their bubble necks! Thanks for finding them :)

      My husband and I had found this really crazy bumpy spider (with the longest legs ever!) in our driveway, but no matter what we used to take the picture, or what settings we tried, or how much we zoomed (before and after photo taking) we just could not get a clear crisp picture...sometimes, beauty is meant for the present :) It was a gift just for you!