Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three little videos

A few videos I took early last month:

This one is under two minutes and shows a silly little hen that decided to go broody in late November.  Silly girl, spring is the time to hatch chicklets!  Although it is very dark at times, be patient, she moves into the light a few times.  There is a black hen from this spring's incubator hatch, from one of the Icelandic eggs.  I got these for their broodiness, and she was so determined to sit on nothing...nope, she had no eggs under her.... that I gave her four eggs to hatch just so she'd survive.  Some hens are so determined that they won't get off the nest until the babies hatch.  She was one of them.  I knew survival of chicks in December was not likely, but wanted to save the hen.

Sweet baby chicks and sweet mama hen clucking!

In the background of the hen and chicks video, you can hear Peach loudly complaining about something.  Here is a 9 second video to show you what the problem was:

Determined little bugger, ain't he?

And finally, about half a minute of what our farmlet was like about a month or two ago, every morning until everyone was too tired to run.  I didn't know it yet, but Plum was newly pregnant and the buck sure knew it!  Gentle giant Ginger was not, nor was she ready for Charm's advances.  Worry not about goat molestation, dear readers.  When Ginger finally wanted Charm's attention, she was rather pushy about it.  Quite the hussy, actually.

But not today!

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