Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crunchy, salty snack

Sometimes you just want something crispy and naughty.  I did, so I made some chips.

This was actually a very special moment for me.  I hadn't eaten potato chips for almost 20 years, since I became "allergic" to potatoes.  Or so I thought.  Turns out it was the new chemicals, or the cocktail of chemicals, used on commercial potatoes.  I can eat organic taters in moderation, or better yet, home grown tubers.

Just starting to sizzle....

First I sliced up some small, scrubbed potatoes with their skins on with the slicing blade of my food processor.  A mandolin would work as well, as would a sharp knife and a steady hand.  I soaked them in cold water for a while and rinsed them well.

Then I heated up a pint of good lard.  Tallow would be even better, but I was out, so Vitamin D pastured lard it was.

A sprinkle of sea salt and a moment to cool and yowza, this is the only way to eat chips!  Best thing is, these are not only good for you, but it is almost impossible to overindulge when you make them yourself.  They become a special treat, and are not full of the chemicals and bad fats used in the commercial chip industry.  If you haven't done this, you simply must try it!  Home made chips bring snacking into the realm of nutrient-dense health food and the flavor is unbeatable.

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  1. A couple of tips I just read in an antique cookbook: For best results, use 2/3 lard and 1/3 tallow. Drain on crumpled (and slightly straightened out) brown paper.