Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The hubster's recipe: Quick cheese soup

We were in a hurry, looking for a quick lunch.  The hubster came up with this idea...

Cheese soup!

I had some homemade chicken broth in the cellar, and dumped a quart jar into a sauce pan.  While it was beginning to heat up, I ran out to the garden for a couple of scallions and some rosemary, which I chopped and added to the simmering broth.  Then to the cupboards for garlic powder (this was a QUICK soup, no time to peel, mince, and saute' garlic which would have been oodle better), parsley, salt, and pepper.  I let this simmer for a few minutes to blend the flavors while we ran around and did other busy things.

We put the hot broth into bowls and added some cheese curds from a "failed" Gouda....once in a while, inexplicably, my cheese curds don't stick together and become one big hunk of cheese.  When I take the cheese out of the cheese press and unwrap it, it falls into little individual, although somewhat flattened, bits of cheese.  But since there is no such thing, really, as a failed cheese, we eat these fresh curds up by adding them to eggs, soups, serving them in a bowl with fruit, etc.  

Today I just threw generous handfuls into the hot broth and YUM!  A quick and easy soup, eaten with fresh raw carrots on the side.  Veggies could certainly be added to the soup while making it.  I needed to get this simmering and hop into the shower, so it was easier this time to just bring some carrots with us for eating later.  I also like to eat some raw veggies daily, and this was a way to do both.


  1. I love making soup like this!!But I never thought to add cheese to it. I will try it next time!!

  2. Thank goodness for hungry hubbies with great ideas!