Wednesday, December 7, 2011


....came into heat yesterday.  A flagging tail is NOT what I wanted to see, and there she was, waving at Dorian in a light rain.  Plum is pure sweetness and will melt in a heavy fog, never mind rain.  We opened the gate to let her in and Dorian shot out of that gate like a Thoroughbred out of the starting gate....and quick as a wink Peter caught him by the horns and shoved him right back in.  In the struggle, Plum slipped into his pen, where she wanted to be.

We left them for the morning and took Plum out before Peter had to leave for work, since the forecast was for more rain.  It is pouring out right now but when we go out to do chores, we'll check for flagging tails and if needed, we'll stand in the rain like real farmers.  Then Plum will go back in with the rest of the girls and we will hope for the best.

We won't have a flood of babies all in one week now, but hopefully all in one month.  We'll know in three weeks, if Plummy doesn't come into heat again.  Here's hopin'!

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