Thursday, November 17, 2011

Princess Plum

Plum came into heat yesterday, two days ahead of schedule.  This is what I found when I went out to milk....

There was a light drizzle, and Plum would never stand outside in any rain unless she was serious.  My husband drove Dorian away from the gate (he can be rather dangerous with those horns when in rut and there are willing does around) while I shoved Plum into his pen.  I didn't have to shove hard....she was pretty anxious to get in there.

I want to assure all the people who asked me, worriedly, if the girls are ok with this.  Yes, they are.  Without a doubt.  In this video (G-rated, don't worry!) Plum waves and practically points Dorian in the right direction.

Although I am very careful around Dorian, especially this time of year, he is very, very gentle with the does.  His only downfall is that he won't let them into his house so I can't leave them with him if it is raining.  And he stinks to high heaven.  That is Buck Cologne he is rubbing all over Plummy, and she will carry his stench for a few days.  I'll have to be very careful when I milk her....she won't get her usual hugs until she smells like her sweet self again.  If I get that cologne on my hands and then milk her, it will flavor the milk....ick.

Plum is back in with the rest of the girls.  This maneuver involves Peter driving Dorian to a far corner of his pen while I snatch Plum and get through the gate as quickly as I can.  Dorian is NOT pleased with me and now growls at me whenever I approach the fence.  What happened to that cute little Bambi I brought home in a dog crate in the backseat of my car two summers ago?

Peach came into heat late last night, in the pouring rain, so we put the two together at 10:30 PM.  We stood out there in the rain like a couple of voyeurs, our flashlight attracting attention three houses down the row.   Two kids.  The new neighbors, just moved in this fall.  Another conversation will be taking place in that household.  Mommy, what are the neighbors doing in the rain?  Watching wrestling, dear.  Now go brush your teeth.

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh at your last "voyeur" comment. I recently asked my husband if I was a pervert for making sure our rabbits had a successful mating.