Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dorian's big day

The day he's been waiting for all year is coming up...on Saturday.  Maybe Friday.  Or Sunday.

It is all up to Ginger, really.  She holds all the cards and is in full control.  Dorian has been doing everything in his power to get the girl's attention....dowsing himself liberally with cologne, posturing in a manly he-goat way, displaying his power by bashing the fencepost hanging in his pen, completely destroying the door to his house, sticking his tongue out and stamping his front foot, emotional blackmail (more on this in a few days).....what's next?

The neighbors are no longer impressed.  The four does are now hanging out by the back fence, making goo-goo eyes and waving.....Yooooohooooo, Mr. Bucky.......pick me, pick me!!! 

All of this has me looking longingly at the pictures of his nine babies from last year and dreaming of spring.

Ginger's triplets:

Mya's twins: 

Peach's triplets, getting warm under the heat lamp:

And last, but certainly not least, Plummy's little singleton buckling:

This is what I think about when love is in the air out behind the barn.  I'm not sure what the neighbor lady tells her children.....they sure get an eye full.  I'd love to hear the dinner conversations in that house this weekend....Mommy, what are the goats doing?  They're wrestling, dear.  Now eat your carrots.


  1. did you turn on some Barry White? ha!

  2. That boy doesn't need any help getting in the mood, that is for sure!