Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm baaaaaack...

Yup, I'm back.  It may be sporadic at first, no promises.  Technology and I have a rather adversarial relationship. 

We have a new computer and a new camera and I am slowly learning how to use both.  To kick off 2014, here is an update on sweet Nutmeg, the doeling I kept this past spring.

Nutmeg, just over 8 months old.  Still a cutie-pie!
Stay tuned for some winter projects and also for some backtracking as I find pictures from some of last summer's projects.  This computer has a different opinion than I do as to where picture files should end up.  As I find some of the images of cool projects, I'll post them.  I especially want to find the pictures I took of our wood chip gardening project, which was an outrageous success.
Meanwhile, gaze at the adorable youngster above.  Although she is old enough, officially, I will not breed her this winter.  She gets another year to grow up.  Unlike some of her previous sisters and cousins, she has a very "baby" look to her still, and has not yet developed the lanky, knobby appearance that a mature dairy doe gets.  She is still my little fatty and I just can't resist squeezing her and giving her a big ol' smooch.  Yes.  On the lips.  Her fuzzy little adorable smoochable lips.


  1. I'm glad! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Thanks, Wildcard! I have a cool camera and spring is coming! Meanwhile, lots of indoor projects, stay tuned....