Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A garden full of goat salad

Little Miss Innocent

She climbed the garden fence and feasted, first stomping turnips.

Pruned tomato plants for me, how helpful!

Showed her princess disdain for the lowly celery by leaving her signature all around them.

Apparently she loves collards as much as we do.

She can have the beet greens as far as I'm concerned, but I need the beets for kvass.

GAAAH!  She stompled my onions!  She even ate some!

Corn is a favorite.  It is big grass.

The wormwood I planted for the goats remained untouched.

Swiss chard held no interest for her.

Basil is too spicy for princesses.

Dill is for cretins.

Yay!  She didn't like green beans!

And she didn't stomple the new green beans!  Contender from Comstock & Ferre.

The carrots are not impressive, so she moved on after signing with her hoofprint.

Cukes held no appeal.

They make my mouth water, however!

Goat salad, indeed!  Barbecued goat, I say!  Good thing you are cute, Plumster!


  1. good thing she's cute alright! ha!

  2. Yeah, she'd fit in my new smoker! Naughty, naughty goat....

  3. Way too funny! I'm sure it wasn't too amusing for you though. :-)

  4. Most of the damage she did will grow back, except some of the corn and the onions. Thank goodness my husband spotted her when he did, or there'd be nothing left! Goats eat like little wood chippers!